Well hello there! I’m so glad you landed on this little piece of the internet today!

I am Christine, your blog hostess here at ‘No Debts, No Regrets’ and I work every day to have those two things.

In 2015 my husband and I started our journey to become debt free. An odd thing for a couple in their mid-twenties isn’t it? At a time when you hear everyone whining about the “economic climate” and the “student loan crisis” we have been working our butts off to clean up our past mess and create a better future.

Along the way I have learned many practical things that I share with you on this blog. I have also learned that “rich” is not simply an amount in the bank but a state of mind. And I have found that you can be someone who has their future planned and still be insanely spontaneous.

I’m guessing that you might be a little like me from about two to three years ago.

Do you…

  • Have big dreams? We’re talking Beyonce-level dreams girl!
  • Have expensive taste and always pay more for quality things?
  • Never worry about the future because you want your life to be a surprise?
  • Want to find work that helps other people and leaves a mark on the world?
  • Know you should be doing more with your money?
  • Want to improve some things in your life but don’t know where to start?

If you answered “OMFG YES!!” to any of those questions then you are in the right place girl and I got you! I am going to share with you how we paid off our debt (over $85,000!), how I’ve created simple ways to continuously improve my life and how you can truly live the life you want while still retaining your sanity and having fun.